Linga mudra definitely is a magic mudra. I have been telling the affected person to do Linga mudra. This is the 11th day since he was admitted to the hospital. He is still in oxygen support with saturation 92-94. Today when he did Linga mudra, the O2 level hit 100 from 94. He was so surprised and he called his wife and showed her. Just within 2 minutes of doing Linga mudra one point oxygen is increasing it seems. I have told him to do Linga mudra for a longer period of time and when the oxygen hit 98 or 99, I have asked him to remove the mask and observe whether he is able to breathe without a mask. Is this the right advice mam? CT severity score – 37/40 O2 saturation level – 94 (before Linga mudra) After Linga mudra – (99-100)

Thamarai Kannan

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