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Prana Mudra - For Immune System from Virus

Place the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little and ring finger, keeping the other two fingers straight. This is an immune-boosting practice designed to keep the mind and body free of disease. It’s also believed to bring about a glowing complexion to the skin because it radiates blood-purifying properties.

Surya Mudra - For Metabolism

Place the ring finger at the root of the thumb and press the thumb over it. If you’re concerned about your waistline, this is the mudra for you! It’s believed Surya Mudra speeds up the metabolism.

Dhyana Mudra - For Peace

Overlap your left hand with the right and place them in your lap. This alignment of the hands soothes the nerves. You’ll notice many statues of Buddha have him in this mudra. Practice this regularly to combat everyday stress.
This Mudra can be seen sporting by saints and monks who wish to attain inner peace.