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Viralgal Seiyum Vindhai

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Viralgal Seiyum Vindhai

Written by Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana is about Ancient yoga mudhra techniques.


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What is Mudhra? What are its benefits? Mudras improve meditation and concentration, promote relaxation, balance the flow of vital energy and help restore physical and mental health, has elaborately discussed by Dr. Salai Kalpana in this book. 

Articles of Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana in Doctor Vikatan

Some of the useful info about Yoga Mudhras by Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana have been published in Doctor Vikatan and Sakthi Vikatan.

The secret yoga mudhra techniques of Sidhaas and Yogis of India have been elaborately discussed by Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana. Some easy and quick to learn mudhra techniques have also taught by her in this articles of Doctor Vikatan and Sakthi Vikatan.

Articles in daily newspapers

The recent discovery of one of an ancient yoga mudhra technique called "Linga Mudhra" by Dr. Salai Kalpana Devi has proven by IIT Madras that this mudra enhances the oxygen level in COVID affected patients and improves health. This news have created a wave in Dailies.

A major break through of this recent COVID Pandemic is the "Linga Mudra" which is discovered by Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana and validated by IIT Madras. It has proven that the oxygen levels have been increased and remain stable for more than 5 hours and also it improves the health among COVID affected patients.

... in Kalaignar Seidhigal channel

Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana discovered that "Linga Mudra" is the only way to get rid of COVID 19. This news was relayed in Kalaignar Seidhigal news channel, very recently.

Very recently, the discovery of Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana's "Linga Mudra" is considered as a real break through life saver for the people who are affected with COVID. This was validated by IIT Madras and relayed in Kalaignar Seidhigal.