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get rid of corona with powerful “linga mudra’ technique

This powerful Siddha Mudra Technique by Dr. Salai Jaya kalpana has been scientifically proven and validated by IIT Madras. Its Simple, Powerful and Easy to do finger clasping technique has cured so many people across the globe.

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Instant Result

Let it be starting from a small ear ache to a heart attack, Mudra has proven results for giving instant relief and has even helped a lot of patients to have complete cure to the ailment


Anytime & Anywhere

The beauty about Siddha Mudra™ is that, it can be done, anytime & anywhere. Let it be at office, in a Metro Train, in a bus, or while talking, Hand Mudra can be done anytime when you are at ease and sitting at one place. 10 min or 1 hour. Siddha Mudra™ has its benefits.


Mudra for all ailments

The Ancient Indian Tradition has been known for methods of treatment where any time of ailment was being treated only through Mudra and practice of the same. 


Balance of 5 Elements

The sole idealogy behind the Siddha Mudra™ is the balance of the 5 elements. 

The combination in pairs between these 5 elements computes for the 3 major Qualities of a human body.

Siddha Mudra™ aims at balancing these elements in a human body resulting in eradication of any type of ailments caused due to the imbalance of these elements.

What Is Siddha Mudra?

“Siddha” is arrived from the Tamil word “Siddhar” which means perfected individuals who has attained spiritual powers called siddhi. Historically Siddhars goes thousands of year back, originated from South India who had dominated the ancient Tamil teachings and philosophy. Siddhars are believed to have possessed immense power which has been the basis for evolution of Ayurveda and Siddha Medications.

These powers and Immortality has been attained by Siddhars by following discipline, training and frequent practice of Mudras, which aims at controlling the 5 elements of nature within oneself and balancing them.

Siddha Mudra™’ is a new Mudra Technique established based on our
Clinical practice and Scientific research works in ancient Siddha
theory, Mudras and its therapeutic applications. This technique is
scientifically validated through advanced research..

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