I feel better energetic and am gaining better confidence that I can manage my health conditions to […]
I am in the menopause stage now and was experiencing severe hot flashes, constipation problems, and sleep […]
Learning this course I could explore myself in mudras and can help others to overcome their pain […]
சந்தி முத்திரை மற்றும் சங்கல்ப முத்திரையால் பலனடைந்தேன். D.Lavanya, 50,Asst. Medical officer, Tiruchy
Great to know how to balance the 5 boothams in the body with Mudhras. Traditional yogic practice.
கழிவுகள் வெளியேறிய பின்பு உடல் புத்துணர்ச்சியுடன் இருப்பதை படிப்படியாய் உணர முடிந்தது. S.Saraswathy 73, Housewife,Chennai
There is a remedy on hand for any health problem without medicine. I do for myself and […]
1.Linga mudra gave more energy. 2.Doing Apana mudra, after doing Vayu mudra gave more effect. 3. While […]
Firstly, my mind is free, my cold, my body pain after surgery gradually reduced, above all feel […]
Yes, very useful class, instant relief from pains and diseases, new learning in my life to take […]