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Siddha Mudra helped me with Detoxification

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கழிவு நீக்க முத்திரை செய்து அதன் பயன்பாட்டை நன்கு உடனடியாக உணர்ந்தேன். D Jyothi Lakshmi, 51Branch postmaster, Pudumavilangai BO

Got Optimal benefits

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சந்தி முத்திரை மற்றும் சங்கல்ப முத்திரையால் பலனடைந்தேன். D.Lavanya, 50,Asst. Medical officer, Tiruchy

Siddha Mudra helps me to Detoxify

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கழிவுகள் வெளியேறிய பின்பு உடல் புத்துணர்ச்சியுடன் இருப்பதை படிப்படியாய் உணர முடிந்தது. S.Saraswathy 73, Housewife,Chennai

Siddha Mudra – A Doctor in our 5 Fingers

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There is a remedy on hand for any health problem without medicine. I do for myself and my family. Feel very happy when there is a cure. Nurjehan V, 62,Retired Bank officer, Chennai

It’s great to learn Siddha Mudra Techniques

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1.Linga mudra gave more energy. 2.Doing Apana mudra, after doing Vayu mudra gave more effect. 3. While doing Apana mudra, Neer in the head started coming to the throat. 4.Using Sankalpa mudra often. It is very helpful to complete day-to-day work in which I get doubtful thoughts. 5. Kubera mudra brought happiness. 6. Have started doing neer mudra, when I get irritated. It works well. The list goes. K. Rajeswari,… Read More »It’s great to learn Siddha Mudra Techniques

Great Relief from Cold and Body pain

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Firstly, my mind is free, my cold, my body pain after surgery gradually reduced, above all feel happy to practice Mudras the whole day. Pearly Sundarraj, BHEL, Tiruchy