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I feel better energetic and am gaining better confidence that I can manage my health conditions to become more fit by practicing this divine art.

Sukanya M, 40
Homemaker, Puducherry

I am in the menopause stage now and was experiencing severe hot flashes, constipation problems, and sleep issues. Mudras have helped me overcome my hot flashes and reduced my constipation issues to a great extent. My sleep is also regularising slowly but steadily. I m a hot-tempered person who speaks first then thinks, but now I m able to hold my tongue back and think first before I spill my words out. I m also able to let go of matters over which I don’t have any control. I am able to empathize and analyze.

Dhamayanthi Balachander (sudha)
Homemaker, Chennai

சந்தி முத்திரை மற்றும் சங்கல்ப முத்திரையால் பலனடைந்தேன்.

D.Lavanya, 50,
Asst. Medical officer, Tiruchy