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About the Founder

Experience coupled with immense research.
Dr Salai Jaya Kalpana
  • Registered medical practitioner with a master degree in Siddha, from Dr. MGR Medical University with 16+ years of expertise & practice in Pulse (Naadi) diagnostic techniques, Siddha Medication, Varma treatment and Mudra.
  • Internationally accredited Yoga trainer (Awarded “Yoga Siromani” by International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre – ISYVC).
  • Researcher – Established a new Mudra technique ‘Siddha Mudra’, based on clinical practice and scientific research works (validated by IIT, Madras) in ancient Siddha theory, Mudras and its therapeutic applications.
  • Founder and Chief Doctor – Siddhar Vanam Siddha Hospital (Earlier Sugalpana Siddha and Mudra Clinic), Madurai – a Siddha clinic integrated with Varma & Siddha Mudra therapies (Treated over 20,000 patients).
  • Founder – Dr Salai Jaya Kalpana’s Siddha Mudra Global Research Foundation (siddhamudra.org), working with IIT Madras on various research in Siddha Mudra and Naadi.
  • Founder – Sugalpana Health Trust, which has been active in training “Siddha Mudras” to 7000 school students and tribal women to treat their physical and mental ailments through Siddha Forest Immune India Movement.
  • Proprietor & Director of Research, Siddha Forest (Sukalpana Herbalz Inc) (siddhforest.com), producing 450 Siddha, Ayurveda Medicines and Herbal food products.
  • Director – 18 Herbs Organic Labs Pvt.Ltd (18herbs.com), a South India based wellness company focusing on research, development and manufacturing of eco-friendly health and beauty products.
  • Author of the book “Viralgal Seiyum Vindhai” of Vikatan publication and also several articles in Dr. Vikatan, Sakthi Vikatan, Jothida Arasu, Uyirosai etc.
  • Host and interviewee of various TV programs on Mudras and Home remedies in 3 leading TV channels in India (Popular: Nalam Nalam Ariga in Kalaignar News TV) and also in All India Radio.
  • Her expertise also includes the fields of Astrology, Panja patchi sastra, Varma, Yoga, Reiki, Buddha vipassana, Acupuncture, Sujok, Magnetic therapy, Flower therapy and Foot therapy.


Professionals, Doctors, Practitioners, Students are trained with Siddha Mudra


Patients treated using Siddha Mudra


Years of research expertise; working with IIT,Madras on Siddha Mudra & Naadi Validation


Success through Mudra


School Children and Women trained on Mudra


Patients treated through Mudra

16 +

Years of Clinical and Research Expertise

Women Empowerment activities and Non Profit activities held by our Founder – Dr. Salai Jaya Kalpana for Tribal women and Government school girls for self protection and general wellness through Siddha Mudras.