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Hailing from a 5000+ years old tradition, Mudras are held as spiritual, energetic seals of authenticity employed in the iconography & spiritual practice of Indian religion and traditions of Dharma and Taoism.

Mudra operates on the principal compound of 5 elements of nature, represented by 5 fingers human body, regulated by hand mudras. Mudras can cure almost any ailment from a simple ear-ache to a heart attack.

There is a total of 108 Mudras used in Tantric rituals, so clearly, there are many to choose from in conjunction with pranayama (breathing exercises), done while seated in Padmasana, Sukhasana or Vajrasana pose to stimulate different parts of the body

What we do?

When all you have to do is sign up for free and just get a hold on the 5000+ year old traditional way of healing and wellness that can boost your immunity and aid in a huge lifestyle modification, then why not?
We run Mudra training programs and prevention methods which are easy to do on a day to day basis. If practiced as a part of your day to day lifestyle, it can aid immense preventive wellness from various health problems.

We train you with more than 108+ Mudra techniques which can be a practice for a healthy and immune you from various on-going pandemics and viral spreads that the world might see in the future.

Join us and allow us to teach you the traditional way of healing and wellness!

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Join our cause for wellness and Immunity and be a part of a movement that benefits all.
Our aim is to give life to a 5000+ year old traditional way of healing


Siddha Mudra

Indian Mythology and history talks about Indian native siddhars (saints) who had practiced immense descipline and modest lifestyle have believed to have lived an immortal life. Which has been possible only though Mudras.
We are working on this proven model of Mudras coupled with Siddha Herbal Medications for any type of ailment in a human body.

Pure Herbal Wellness Products

Apart from the training on Mudras, we offer packages of Pure herbal products for wellness which are having their main focus on boosting your immunity and maintaining the Ayurvedic Doshas – Vata, Pitha & Kapha.

All our herbal products are grown, sorted, manufactured and packed in house to ensure the best efficiency when coupled with Mudras.



We have free online courses on Mudras where we train on various Mudra techniques for a better lifestyle which are available for all on our YouTube Page.

We also have paid programs which can aid on a spiritual search for your inner peace and prosperity.



Endcard to Restrictions

When I was at my age of 10 (2015), I had fits, It left us in a panic situation and other doctors suggested tablets for 2 years initially, and they said I will have to follow tablets for a prolonged course of time. They also had restrictions that I can’t even socialize happily. I don’t want to take any tablets and Dr.Kalpana mam advised me to do maan mudra daily and I followed it for 3 years. I did not see Mr.Fits in my life after 2015. Thank you for stopping my prolonged medications and allowing me to play in the hot sun and enjoy waterfalls!

Shri Saindhavi M,
Std.10, SBOA School

My Prevention technique in this Pandemic

My father is working as a marketing manager and so he has to travel more daily. I was very afraid and so; I, my father, and my mother do linga mudra daily for preventing us from this pandemic. We drink Kaba sura kudineer at regular intervals. Thank you to Dr. Kalpana mam for teaching us. 

Dhanvi B, Std. 5, NMS School

Breaking the Uphill struggles with Siddha Mudras..!

In my trekking journey from Sarhuragiri to Coorg hills, I hear the uff- puff sound 😤🤪 from my peer group and they climb slowly. I would cross them and I reach the top before an hour. But people never saw soosi mudra in my hands when I climb up so fast. After a severe viral flu, I became very weak, but my desire to crack the zonal meet was unstoppable. Dr.Sjk mam suggested Prithivi mudra and it helped me to win in my Athlete zonal meet.

Shri Maalavii M,
Std.10, SBOA School